COPC DLL สร้างSCADAด้วย.Net

COPC DLL used for SCADA creation and development. You can create SCADA system (Graphic monitoring & control, Trending, Alarm, and more..) within your favorite programming IDE such as Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studio.Net (VB.Net, C#), and VBA (MS Excel, Word, …).

ราคา 10,000 บาท

COPC DLL is a light-weight activeX for SCADA developer. COPC DLL is appropriate for developer who like flexible of size configurable within large of OPC tags. COPC DLL use small of memory. Then you can create SCADA system for large of tags within hi-speed of operation.

Trial version works for 30 days. After that, you have to register for a license (


– Read/Write OPC tag from OPC Server
– Unlimited OPC Server and OPC tags accessible
– Connect to local and remote OPC Server (with DCOM)
– Using with VBA container (MS Excel, Word, any VBA container), Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studio.Net / Visual Studio .Net Express (VB.NET, C#) 
– Light-weight 
– Small resource usage
– Tag size configurable

>> Download COPC DLL 


** COPC DLL เหมาะกับงานที่ใช้Tagจำนวนมากเน้นการจัดการโค้ดที่สะดวก